June 11, 2024


WATER INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADES: Effective July 15, 2024 the Water Project will resume. Customer could experience low pressure & outage. If you loss water, please boil your water until further notice.

We appreciate your continued patience as we work on water infrastructure improvements. At this point, if you’ve lost water, you are still under a boil water order. You can use the water as you normally would (laundry, dishes, showering, etc.) but if you want to drink it, boil it first. We might have an update on the boil water order in the next 24 hours, so keep watching our Facebook Page.
So, what are we doing? We are replacing water valves for over 75% of the town.
Why is this important? When there are future projects, leaks or emergencies, we will be able to isolate smaller areas of town, decrease the number of customers affected & reduce the reach of a boil water order.
As we continue with this project, the areas affected will get smaller and smaller, as we will be utilizing the new valves for the future areas as well. We are also replacing 28 fire hydrants that are either broken, leaking or in disrepair. What about the remaining 25% of valves? Those will be replaced with our next big water project that will start in 2025.

Boil Water Order Guidance